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Welcome to the Zip 2000 home page. Zip 2000 is the best Z-code interpreter on any platform, so if you own a RISC OS machine, you're in luck!

Feature summary


These screenshots were taken from version 1.32. Note that all the Infocom graphics shown are from the .MG1 files - at the time working Blorb versions of the Infocom were not yet available. With version 1.50's support for an extension to the Blorb format, the Infocom games can now be accurately reproduced.

  1. The Jigsaw opening scene.
  2. Playing Double Fanucci in Zork Zero.
  3. The opening scene of Shogun.
  4. Journey showing its menu.
  5. Zork I running in a 180dpi screen mode.
  6. Alpha-channel compositing with my toucan-drawing program.


Zip 2000 is available for download from the Interactive Fiction Archive. The current version is 1.50 (14-Nov-09). The source code is also available.

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